Company Culture

Corporate culture concept system

Runhaitong is a technology-oriented enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing and service of power automation power.Since the establishment of the company, it has been determined to contribute new and high-quality products to the power industry.We continue to innovate and continuously focus on the research and development of new equipment and new technologies, and develop products that meet customer needs and solve problems for customers. We are committed to withdrawing from new products that are suitable for the development of electric power industry.

Our immediate goal is

Based on the power transmission and distribution equipment manufacturing industry, we will continue to enhance the technological innovation advantages and integrate high-quality customer resources to become specialized, stronger and bigger in the field of power automation power supply.And actively promote the development of other new business in the field of transmission and distribution equipment, making Runhaitong become the first-class solution provider of power transmission and distribution equipment.

Our long-term goal is

Establish an excellent independent research and development technology system, expand the quality customer platform in each field, and launch innovative products that are suitable for the market, and turn Runhaitong into a well-known enterprise with “brave innovation and pragmatic development”.